Health & Wellness


Established in year 2012, CVI Link Sdn Bhd has been upholding the concept of “Accumulate Your Wealth by Health” as our mission. We are committed to continuous innovation and sustainable development as well as exploring high quality and effective products and providing multiple benefits for consumers and members.

Bamboo Salt

Bamboo Salt is a treasure trove of pure natural trace elements, containing a lot of rich minerals and trace elements sodium, calcium, silicon, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, selenium and so on. Bamboo Salt is divided into one-roasted, three-roasted, and nine-roasted according to grade. The quality of nine-roasted bamboo salt is the best and we call it ‘Purple Bamboo Salt’.


Deer Placenta is an embryonic tissue formed during pregnancy from the cells of the deer fetus, it is a natural ingredients obtained through a natural delivery process which does not endanger or sacrifice the life of the deer. As Deer Placenta is rich in Nucleic Acid, Amino Acids Mucopolysaccharide and multivitamins that enhance body growth and regenerate body cells, it is unsurprisingly regarded in the medical field as a ‘vitamin x active substance’ for anti-aging, tissues regeneration and body rejunevation.


Organic Natural Supplement drink for General Health for Men & Women. Cures fatigue, libido, premenstrual & menopause syndrome, and overall health.


D`lady is made with natural leguminosae – Pueraria Mirifica and other plant based ingredients. It contains high dose of Phytoestrogens which hash similar functions as the estrogens. It does not contain any artificial chemical and artificial hormone. By taking phytoestrogens, it helps to replenish the depleting female hormone.


The main business of Melavigo is to cultivate bees. It is dedicated to promoting the important and commercial value of bee conservation and environmental protection and greening, and developing high-quality bee products. Melavigo adheres to the goal of building a healthy society; adheres to the concept of quality management; adheres to 100% natural and pure raw materials from raw materials to finished products. Therefore, Melavigo realizes the entire process of quality control and produces its bee products with a rigorous pharmaceutical attitude.


Nanos is involved in the dealing of energy water filters and dispensers. The core of our business is the distribution of fine water purification and dispenser systems, which are marketed under the ‘NANOS’ brand name. Unlike regular water filters, however, which merely leech particles from piped water, NANOS restores the natural minerals and PH balance to provide water that is as good, if not better, than natural mineral water

Digital Technology


One of the leading advertising in Malaysia focusing on Digital & LED advertising panels.


Exciting Lifestyle Platform for everyone to HAVE FUN & EARN! Go LIVE, immerse in our video contents, watch ads and experience a whole new live mall.


Ledgit is one of the leading Digital & Business Solutions Provider for Corporates, SMEs & businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Ledgit consists of a team of exceptional experts in the aspects of Marketing & Technology utilizing the latest Strategies and Methodologies for all types of businesses. Some of the expertise covered are Digital Branding & Transformation, Business Development, Internet & Technology, Blockchain, Media & Production, Business Acceleration.

Meta Nebulas

META NEBULAS is a platform formed by few components such as Social Mining, DeFi and NFT, we termed it as the SocialFi NFT Platform. META NEBULAS can bring about the meaning of ‘beyond the interstellar space’ and as we are a SocialFi project; needless to say, it’s SOCIALIZE AND EARN!

Academy & Charity


An alliance of highly experienced and professional educational institutions and a group of aggressive and energetic entrepreneurs. The purpose of establishing this alliance is to gather resources and experts from all over the world to provide professional knowledge for those who have entrepreneurial dreams.

Yayasan Boston

Yayasan Boston is a non-profit organization that strives to use our resources and capabilities to provide assistance, care and solution for the old folks and homeless communities. Our mission is to create solutions and care to the community’s problems and needs